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High jamb Scores: Secrets why Students Pass JAMB easily



High jamb Scores : Secrets why Students Pass JAMB easily
High jamb Scores secrets


High jamb Scores : Secrets why Students Pass JAMB easily

The rate at which students make high scores nowadays in JAMB is something to understand.

In those days, people do not make such high scores, even the intelligent ones. Those days, you see very intelligent people scoring 265, 270, 280, etc; but today, I think the rate of 300+ seems higher.

High jamb Scores : Secrets why Students Pass JAMB easily
High jamb Scores secrets

So what is the factor? Is it that JAMB quality has dropped or Students are now more intelligent?

If you take a very good look at the System of education operated in Our Country Nigeria, The Joint Adminission And Matriculation  Board (JAMB) present Standard has dropped especially in the aspect of repeating previously set out question which we all refer to as past question.

The present jamb registerer, Mr oloyede and the other jamb planing official are only bent on reducing the crime rates and corruption practices in the jamb examination which leads to high jamb Scores and admission corrupt practices by Nigerians who indulge in favoritisms and bribe to access the higher institutions of their choices.


This fact is actually very essential in the education system but it does not balance with the way of setting jamb questions, now students who just finished SS2/3 classes can go to take jamb exams and score 250 at their first sitting which wasn’t so before.

. Secondly, the Students are always with their books because of the fact that no one wants to resist for the jamb examinations, they try their best to score high grades to pass the cut of mark set by their favorite higher institution or universiities which would allow them go for their different courses

. More tutorials are also been established and jamb candidates increase yearly because younger students are currently being pushed by both parents due to financial pressure and peer group influence for the students them selves.

How do I now pass my jamb 

If you really want to pass jamb, you must study and get aquinted with necessary tutorials and sources for knowledge regarding your course of choice.

Ask questions to previously passed jambites who are now in their various institutions of questions you would expect in their jamb examinations.



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