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Shekau Threatens To Attack President Buhari [Full Video]

Shekau Threatens To Attack President Buhari  [Full Video]

Don’t come again – Shekau Threatens To Attack President Buhari .

Terrorists, Boko Haram Leader, Shekau, Threatens To Attack Buhari, Lists Condition For Chibok Girls’ Release

In a new video released, Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, could be seen threatening to attack President Muhammadu Buhari if he visits Maiduguri, Borno State, again.

Buhari had visited the troubled city on Wednesday to sympathise with the state over the killing of at least 30 persons on Sunday by terrorists in the town of Auno.

But shortly after his visit to the state, Boko Haram insurgents struck again, killing several persons in the process.

Shekau, in the latest video where he also listed conditions for the release of the remaining Chibok school girls, warned that Buhari would be attacked if he visited Maiduguri again.

He said, “Buhari came to Maiduguri pretending to be a good man but he is not. He shouldn’t try to return to Maiduguri again.

“Buhari, fear your Creator. God said you don’t have up to a spider’s web. But you think you are a major general. l swear, you are nothing. Buhari, I am talking to you, you’ll know no peace. Don’t come back to Maiduguri.

“Just go and sit down and think over my comments. And if u think I am the one disrupting your affairs, honestly I am not. You have deceived the people by telling them you are a just leader; carry on!”

Speaking on Chibok girls, Shekau said, “Those shouting Bring Back Our Girls, Bring Back Our Girls, the only way to have those girls back is for our men in prison to be released.”

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President Buhari Condems the Terrorist Killing of Lawan Andimi


President Buhari Condems the Killing of Lawan Andimi
The Terrorist killing of Lawan Andimi is Cruel – President Mohammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has condemned the killing of Reverend Lawan Andimi by Boko Haram terrorists.

In a series of the tweets made by the president on Tuesday, the President described the murder of the clergyman as inhuman and vowed to ensure the insurgents pay dearly for their actions.

He said, “The terrorist killing of Lawan Andimi, chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Michika, Adamawa State is cruel, inhuman and deliberately provocative.

“This barbarism is condemnable. We will ensure that these terrorists pay a heavy price for their evil actions.”

Reverend Andimi, who was abducted by Boko Haram terrorists in early January, was the chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State.

He was murdered by his captors on Monday, despite calls for his release by various groups, including the national leadership of the Christian body.

In his reaction, President Buhari decried the killing of the clergyman amid indications that the insurgents were going to release him.

He, however, condoled with the family of the slain reverend, the Christian community across the country, as well as the government and people of Adamawa State.

“I am greatly saddened by the fact that the terrorists went on to kill him even while giving signals of a willingness to set him free by releasing him to third parties.

“This incident has further strengthened our resolve as a government, and the resolve of our gallant Armed Forces, to comprehensively defeat all terrorist groups sowing death, violence, and destruction in our country and across West Africa,” the President said.

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ISWAP: We Killed 11 Christians On Christmas Day To Avenge Al Baghdadi’s Death



ISWAP: We Killed 11 Christians On Christmas Day To Avenge Al Baghdadi's Death

ISWAP: We Killed 11 Christians On Christmas Day To Avenge Al Baghdadi’s Death. 

The ISIL (ISIS) group has released a video claiming to show the execution of 11 Christians in northeast Nigeria, one day after Christmas.


The footage posted in an online Telegram news channel late on Thursday by ISIL-linked propaganda arm Amaq showed 11 blindfolded men being lined up at an unidentified outdoor location.


One man is shot before the other 10 are beheaded. A masked man in the almost one-minute video claimed the killings were in response to the death of ISIL chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his spokesman.


Al-Baghdadi committed suicide in October to avoid capture during a raid by United States special forces on his hideout in the province of Idlib, northwestern Syria.

In recent months, Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP) has intensified its attacks on Christians, security personnel and aid workers, setting up roadblocks on main roads and conducting searches.


A previous video, seen by Reuters News Agency, said the captives had been taken from Maiduguri and Damaturu in Nigeria’s northeast, where fighters have been attempting for years to set up a separate state under Islamic law.

In that earlier video, the captives pleaded for the Christian Association of Nigeria and President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene and save them.




ISWAP split from Nigerian armed group Boko Haram in 2016, pledging allegiance to al-Baghdadi.

It stepped up attacks on military outposts and troops in mid-2018 but has increasingly begun targeting civilians.


The decade-long armed uprising in northeast Nigeria has killed 36,000 people and displaced around two million, according to the United Nations.


The violence had spread to neighbouring Niger, Chad and Cameroon, prompting the formation of a regional military coalition to combat the fighters.

Source:  Aljazeera

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Orphan kidnapped by Boko Haram



Orphan kidnapped by Boko Haram

Orphan kidnapped by Boko Haram. 

An Orphan Named Jenifer Ukambong who hails from Bokkos Local Government area, plateau state, Nigeria was kidnapped by Boko Haram members on Sunday 22nd December 2019 along Mongo – Maiduguri road.

The who Nigeria and presumably the world is calling on our military to expedite action in the search to rescue her after it was stated clearly on Twitter

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48 Boko Haram Fighters Killed, 3 Arrested’ As Soldiers Repel Xmas Eve Attack



48 Boko Haram Fighters Killed, 3 Arrested’ As Soldiers Repel Xmas Eve Attack

48 Boko Haram Fighters Killed, 3 Arrested’ As Soldiers Repel Xmas Eve Attack


Nigerian soldiers and members of a vigilante successfully repelled a Boko Haram  attack on Biu in Southern Borno State, an official has said.



An official of the Civilian-JTF, whose members fight alongside the military against the insurgents, told PREMIUM TIMES that 48 Boko Haram fighters were killed in the battle. The military is yet to speak on the attack.


Sources from Premium times news Tuesday night reported how Boko Haram fighters gathered outside Biu to attack the town barely 24 hours after they were repelled by soldiers.


On Monday, the insurgents, in an attempt to attack Biu, ran over two villages on the outskirts of the town killing two persons and injuring 13 others. They were later repelled by soldiers after hours of a gunbattle on the outskirts of Biu.the insurgents returned the next day.


At about 6 p.m. on Tuesday, residents of Biu were alerted to the gathering of suspected Boko Haram gunmen who arrived at a location near Kimba, a village a stone throw away from Biu.

Security sources who spoke with PREMIUM TIMES on phone on Tuesday said troops mobilized from different locations to confront the insurgents.


A source confirmed to this reporter Wednesday morning that the troops in Biu and the ones in Damboa converged to engage the insurgents in a shootout that lasted till the early hours of Christmas day.


Backed by operatives of the Civilian-JTF, the battle continued until “48 of the Boko Haram gunmen dropped dead while some fled with bullet injuries.”


“The operation lasted till about 4 a.m. when the soldiers and our members finished ransacking the areas for their dead bodies”, said a C-JTF operative, Muhammed Liberia, who spoke to our reporter.


“We were also able to arrest three of the Boko Haram live and they are currently with the soldiers,” he said.


The military has not issued any statement on the Biu attacks, but another public official currently in the town said normalcy had returned there.


Bulama Talba, the Press Secretary to the Borno State deputy governor, who is currently in Biu with his principal, confirmed that the attackers were repelled.


“As I am talking to you now, normal activities are going in Biu town after the soldiers have repelled the planned attack,” he said.


“We heard that the soldiers have effectively repelled the intended attack, and people are carrying on with their Christmas celebration.”


The Boko Haram insurgency in Northern Nigeria has caused over 30,000 deaths since 2009. The insurgents say they want an Islamic caliphate in Northern Nigeria.

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