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Fathers mostly like showing off their daughters for the world to see. No wonder they call their daughter lovely pet names like Princess, My baby and many others. Daughters are the pride of their parents, especially their fathers..

They tend to rapport well with their fathers, and sometimes, posses their father’s talents, just like 2face Idibia’s daughter, Ehi Benzy Idibia. This is not the first, we have seen countless of children that got their parents’ skillful and talented nature.

This is the case of our very own musician Innocent Ujah Idibia, popularly known by his stage name 2face or 2baba.

He is a talented and skillful musician, who uses his songs to entertain the general public. He has released hundreds of songs and even won an award with his popular song that describes an African woman.

Just few Hours ago, 2face took to his Instagram page to flaunt his daughter who is seen playing a guitar.

He captions it: