4 Reasons Why Luis Suarez is Better than Robert Lewandowski

    Luiz Suarez Vs Robert Lewandowski
    Luiz Suarez Vs Robert Lewandowski
    Luis Suarez Vs Robert Lewandowski
    Luis Suarez Vs Robert Lewandowski
    These two Professional footballers are extremely good in their various terrains but as o e would say, try others to Know if you are really what you say you are. The Comparison today turns on Robert Lewandowski playing for Bayern Munich and Luis Suarez the former Barcelona striker currently at Athletico Madrid.


    The due have been in various champions league games with Suarez racking 19 trophies in his career, which include six league titles, a UEFA Champions League title at club level, meanwhile, Lewadowski has also won the UCL but in a team he waited to build first staying over some years before clinching the title.

    2Second Fact: All Goals and performances :

    Although Suarez has 491 Goals in all competition for both club and country but the 500 goal scorer ‘Lewandowski‘ has features in almost all games taking most of the facts from penalties. This simply means if he had more time he would have done more on goal contributions


    Here, Suarez has played for the Premier league, Laliga and other listed teams bagging a total of 69 goals in 110 appearances for Liverpool making it a higher bid in pace for Lewandowski who just says in his comfort Zone being the most dominating team in the Bundesliga with an advantage of Elite Team mates.


    Finally, Suarez has 6 titles but Lewandowski is on the verge of gaining his 8th Bundesliga title and winning the UEFA Mens player award for 2019.

    The duo are good but Suarez has been in more difficult situation’s to make impacts and he obviously has done so, communicating with Lionel Messi in Barcelona and others.