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Nigerian pastor and social media influencer Reno Omokri dishes out new ways to Start living Good Life.

According to the first #TheAlternative of 2021, is an excerpt from my last book, Start Solving Problems, released in June 2020.

I am an ambassador of faith, motivation and the John 10:10 life that Christ promised to those who believe in God through Him, because I have experienced that that life is possible if you apply the principles in God’s word.

It does not matter if you are going through storms. External storms should not affect your internal joy. Rather, your internal joy should permeate your storms and calm them.

Rain does not fall when the sky is blue and beautiful. Rather, the darker the cloud, the more rain it brings. Learn from that.

The challenges in your life are your period of rainfall. Those are the times when you grow. Crisis come with opportunity. Opportunity brings growth. Growth allows you to live the good life and extend it to others.

Build your character because that is the infrastructure that will enable you live the good life in a sustained manner otherwise you will have the good life today and the not so good life tomorrow. Character is essential.

Many people make a mistake and think they can build the good life on the strength of shallow things like their looks and physical attributes. It is not possible to do so because as we age, physical attributes deteriorate.

Your nails start falling off three days after death. Hair follows on the fourth day. At sixty days, only bones remain. All the money we spend on hair, nails, make up, gone! The only thing that you develop in life that outlasts your death is your character. Therefore, you can only consistently live the good life to the extent that you consistently develop your character.

That is why Proverbs 4:18 teaches as follows:

“The path of the just is like the shining sun, That shines ever brighter unto the perfect day.” (NKJV).

Notice that our light does not shine bright. No. It shines brighter each new day. That indicates a continuum of growth. It is that growth continuum that ensures that we consistently enjoy the good life.

As part of your character development, you will need to always have goals and targets. They give you something to aim for i