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The Former Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Allison (APC) party slams Obaseki as a Snail in a Tigers race for the upcoming elections.


Revealing the reasons why Obaseki will not pose a threat to the upcoming Gubernatorial Elections, Oshiomhole stated clearly featuring on Channels Television programme ‘Sunday Politics’, Oshiomhole described Obaseki as a snail participating in a race involving tigers.

“How can he be a threat? A man who is not even eligible to contest the election, how can he be a threat? How can be a snail be a threat in a race where tigers are involved?” he asked.

Speaking on various issues of violence that might occur during the elections, Oshiomhole claimed that no life was lost during the elections monitored by him while he was a governor and futher accused the governor of visiting the Oba of Benin’s palace with thugs armed with dangerous weapons instead of the traditional kolanut and drinks used for prayers as part of the Benin custom“.

He was threatening that he and his deputy are above the law because they have immunity and he will deal with anybody. When he said anybody, he means members of the opposition”.

In his words he said :

“I was a governor of that state, I did election in 2012 my second term election in which I won all the 18 local governments and I score 74.6 percent of the total votes cast. Not one life was lost. In his own election which was conducted while I was governor, not one life was lost”.

“The only thing that has changed is who is now the governor. Obaseki went to the Oba of Benin. Rather than go there with kolanut and hot drinks which is the tradition of the rich culture of the Benin kingdom, he didn’t go with that. He went with thugs who were armed with firearms” he said.