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The Founder of One of the biggest Tech Industries in Lagos State Nigeria popularly known as Gokada Ceo named Fahim Saleh has been brutally murdered in his condo in New York.



The 33-yr old Enterprenuer who founded Gokada in lagos state was brutally murdered in New York, police reports om Tuesday.


New York Police Department said Saleh’s corpse was found limbless and headless in a building on E. Houston St. at Suffolk St. on the Lower East side, New York. But the dismembered body parts were found at the scene of the murder.


He bought the condo in 2019 for $2.2 million, New York Post reported on Tuesday.


“We have a torso, a head that’s been removed, arms, and legs. Everything is still on the scene. We don’t have a motive,” NYPD spokesman Sgt. Carlos Nieves said.


Police were alerted to the crime by the victim’s sister who called 911 after discovering the corpse of her brother in his home.