Frank Lampard Speaks on Chelsea’s Failure to Qualify for UCL

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Frank Lampard Speaks on Chelsea's Failure to Qualify for UCL

Chelsea Boss, Frank lampard has Explained reasons why Chelsea could not hold their grounds on third place to Qualify for the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE next season.


The Chelsea boss explained that the club should not be judged by this seasons performance following their loss to a trophy-gained Liverpool side on Wednesday.

The Blues were good against Liverpool but lost as the visitors instead of gaining the three points that should see them off a drawn Manchester united but were beaten with a 5-3 Score line by Liverpool.


Chelsea would now need a point to qualify for the UCL if they defeat wolves on their last premier league fixture.

The Boss seems sorry but stands on hopes, this was what he said :

“I suppose since restart and knowing how tight it is, it was a feeling it could go this far, I felt we could get over the line tonight.


“I don’t think everything is on Sunday with the whole judgement of where we are, but I think top-four would be a huge bonus,” Lampard told Sky Sports after the game.


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