Elon Musk Defeats Jeff Bezos to Become World’s Richest Man

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Elon Reece Musk FRS who is a business Magnate, an industrial designer and the founder of Spacex early investor Inc beats CEO of AMAZON ‘Jeff Bezos’ to becomes World Richest Man at age 49.

Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Musk replaced Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest person, worth $185 billion.

According to bloomberg.com news, Elon Musk (TSLA) Surpasses Jeff Bezos to become world’s Richest Person revealed on January 7th, Jeff Bezos had held the position for 4yesrs now since 2017.

It was however takes a way from Jeff Bezos on Thursday after Elon Musk’s shares surger 7.9% past Amazon CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos in ranking of the world’s 500 wealthiest people.

Musk is with $194.8 billion, or one can say $9.5 billion more than Jeff Bezos whose blue origin rivals Musk’s Space exploration techs.

Elon Musk Defeats Jeff Bezos to Become World's Richest Man
Elon Musk Defeats Jeff Bezos to Become World’s Richest Man

According to timeline news, no one has seen a better dramatic shift over the past years than the Engineer born in South Africa and he’s now added $165 billion to his multiple fortunes which currently ranks as the fastest bout of wealth creation history.

How Strange was this rise’

He’s tweets last year revealed that he initially intended to sell almost all his possessions after he revealed to German Publisher ‘Axel Springer’ in December during an interview that his main purpose for aquiring wealth is simply to accelerate humanity’s evolution into a spacefaring civilization.

After Thursdays twist in wealth record, he tweeted ‘How Strange’ then futher added ‘WELL BACK TO WORK’.

Elon Musk has futher confirmed that he’d personally relocate to Texas from California, as he has now gained new popularity among the wealthy for levying zero income tax.

However, Bezos would still hold a wide lead over Elon Musk had it not been for his divorce which saw him transfer a quarter of the families Amazon stake to his EX-WIFE, MacKenzie Scott, some shares that worth about $680 Million back in November.


The CEO of Space X Elon Musk as he’s fundly called is currently the world’s Richest Man after defeating Amazon CEO Jeff bezos.

These are six secrets shared by BBC news on Elon Musk’s rise.

1. It’s Certainly not about the Money.

This is very critical about Musk’s fortune they wrote following the fact that he always desired to boost his business the electric car and help humans at large.

During an interview held in 2014, he said he doesn’t know how rich he is but certainly that he has votes for Tesla and SpaceX as well as SolarCity and in return the World market places much value on these votes.

2. Puruse your Passions

I kept expecting us to advance beyond Earth, and to put someone in MARS and get a base on the moon. Elon said, that’s specially the reason he came up with Mars Oasis Mission.

The ideas of all these was to get humans excited about space again. Other ideas includes this;

3. Don’t be afraid to Think Big

4. Be Ready to take risks.

5.Ignore all critics coming to you.

6. Enjoy yourself.