20 Secrets Ladies Admire that You must know as a Guy

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20 Secrets Ladies Admire that You must know as a Guy


Hello guys, Naijamixed brings you top 20 Secrets that ladies Admire which you must know as a guy to enable your relationship work out effectively.


Most times, it’s not all about your money but the way you treat her and the quality of attention you give her as most ladies are different. Checkout the 20 Secrets that ladies Admire below


1- call her like twice daily, if you don’t another guy will 😜😜

2- Don’t wait until she ask yu for money,give out freely.

3 – Don’t tell her she’s boring

4 – kiss her on her forehead

5- whenever she tell you she’s missing you, and you are not around, try your best to see her that day.

6-play with her like your sister

7- whenever she tells you,baby am sorry, try to forgive/forget.

8have special time with her and tell her how beautiful she is.

9- Don’t make her cry.

10- if she cry, kiss her tears and tell her she’s beautiful.

11- introduce her to your friends.

12- don’t promise her heaven and earth when you don’t have it.

13- hold her on her waist while walking together to make her feel protected.

14- Tell her how special she is.

15- Don’t engage her with a ring if u are not sure to marry her, because women do normally get hurt.. and they Can cry nonsense

16- she’s your baby , handle her with care.

17-text her in the morning and tell her you miss her.

  1. Don’t lay your hands on her.

  2. Correct her privately when she’s wrong in the public.

  3. Don’t buy her the world with everything but buy her your attention.

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What are your inputs about this?, both as a, lady and a  guy drop your comments below