“My Love for Barcelona Will Not Change” – Messi Confirms Barca Stay.

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"My Love for Barcelona Will Not Change" - Messi Confirms Barca Stay.

Goodnews for all Barcelona fans – Lionel Messi Confirms his stay at Barcelona after reversing rumours of exit .


Lionel Messi says he will never go to trials against the club of his life, this I the reason why he will stay at Barcelona.

Messi was previously linked with a Move to Manchester city after confirming an exit from Barcelona following their failure to win a single trophy last season coupled with a historic defeat against Bayern Munich at the UEFA Champions league quarter finals.

The Barcelona legend says he won’t go to court against the club he loves In as much as he wants to leave but he don’t confirm he is currently happy with his decision to remain at Campnou – Sky sports reported.

Messi stated that the idea to leave the club wasn’t just rested on the (8-2) Bayern defeat. “I told the club president that I wanted to go all year , I wanted to step aside Messi said.

“I believe that the club needed more young players, new players and I taught my time at Barcelona was over”. I felt very sorry because I always said that I wanted to finish my career here.

It was a very a very difficult year, I suffered a lot in the games,trainings and in the dressing room. Everything became very difficult for me and their came a time when a needed new admissions.

“it didn’t come because of the loss against Bayern. No!. I have been thinking about this decision.

I told the president and he said I could decide if to leave or stay at the club at the end of the season but he didn’t keep to his words. Some observers asked why him (Messi) didn’t trigger the clause before ending, I will just leave that hanging Messi said??

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Was there anyway to get out the club?? Messi said.. yes!! but not one that Messi felt he could go through with. It was to go to trial he added which he won’t go through with since Barca gave him all he needed since he arrived.

I am going to continue at the club because the president told me the wonky way to leave was to pay the €700m.

It took so long to make the choice because of the love he had for his club.