Lloris and Son fight was ‘beautiful’, claims Mourinho

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Lloris and Son fight was 'beautiful', claims Mourinho

Lloris and Son fight was ‘beautiful’, Tottenham Boss Mourinho Claims on post Match analysis of Tottenham vs Everton clash on Monday. 



The Tottenham Boss, Jose Mourinho feels the disagreement between hist senior players was as a result of the low passion that rests within the team as he has fired for growth in team spirit.


Despite the 1-0 lead at half time, there was a clash between Goal stopper Hugo Lloris and Heung-min Son which was seperated by Team mates Giovani Lo Celso and Harry Winks .

The France Goal Keeper took it all out at the South Korean Attacker and Mourinho sees it that the team needed more pressing to get the goals.

Mourinho, Hugo Lloris and Heung-min Son

Mourinho believes the heavy disagreement was born out out frustration and this is what he said on post Match analysis.

“It’s probably the consequence of our meetings. If you want to blame somebody for that, it’s me. I was critical of my boys because they are not, in my opinion, critical enough of themselves or each other.


“I’ve asked them to be more demanding. I’ve asked them to demand more from others. I asked them to put their colleagues and the pressure of that team spirit that you have to give everything for everybody.


“It was a situation at the end of the first half where an amazing kid that everybody loves like Sonny, a team boy, but in that situation the captain thought he had to do more for the team, you have to give a different effort than you gave.


“A couple of bad words, I’m not sure if there was a push or not, but it’s something very important for the team to grow up because for a team to grow up you need to demand from each other, you need to be strong personalities.


“I was really pleased. At half-time I told them, when you had this reaction that I had no doubts that you would stick together until the end.”