Laycon Raises Fears During Diary Session

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Laycon Raises Fears During Diary Session

Laycon’s Dairy Session reveals he’s scared of the live eviction show happening live on Sunday


Laycon is doing good but feels tense and scared. For the first time, he can’t wait for it all to be over. If he scales through, then he is close to the finale.

He has always said his greatest achievement is making it to the finals. A lot of the tension is because scaling through today would mean he’s through to the finale.

Realistically speaking, he doesn’t know his rate of surviving tonight’s eviction.

He’d rather see Trikytee and Ozo evicted and himself and Dorathy be saved. He has bonded with Dorathy over these few weeks.

His experience in the house has been life changing. If he goes home, the first thing he would do is speak to his mum.

His expectations coming to the show was to promote his music and himself.

He’s grateful to Biggie for the experience, he’s learned a lot that will help him spread love and light outside the house. He’s thankful.

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