FINAL!! “Too Diplomatic” Nengi Tells Ozo Why She Can’t Be With Him (VIDEO)

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FINAL!! "Too Diplomatic" Nengi Tells Ozo Why She Can't Be With Him (VIDEO)

“You are Too Diplomatic for Me”, “You Don’t ever support me”, I’ve been telling you these things since, Nengi tells Ozo why she can’t be with him.


The Big brother Naija housemate”Nengi” has been very sincere in her dealings with Ozo but maybe due to the fact that my guy seems shorts, he’s always confused.

Ozo has for some weeks now been following Nengi wherever she goes, but she’s told him they can’t work.

According to Nengi, Ozo doesn’t support her especially after her issues with Vee.

“I have been telling you this thing since.

You are too peaceful for me, you are too diplomatic for me. You don’t ever support me.

I don’t need you to support me, I can handle my issue my myself” she said.