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Opal Tometi A  Co-Founder of BLM Releases Stunning Visuals for ‘Diaspora Rising – Beyond African Liberation Day’.


Opal Tometi Releases Stunning Visuals for ‘Diaspora Rising Beyond African Liberation Day’


One of the  leaders Heading  the Black Lives Matter movement, Opal Tometi  releases her Stunning visuals for “Beyond African Liberation Day”.


The Visuals was In the short video footage, shot by acclaimed filmmaker Wael Gozly, we are given an image of Opal in Accra, Ghana for the Year of Return festivities in early 2020.


This message is a celebration of African Liberation Day (May 25, 1963) which highlights African-Unity which was founded on freedom,sacrifice, and activism.


Speaking on the Concept of the Visuals, Opal Tometi explained that There was a time when her uncle was in an immigration detention center, and members of their  community would take turns visiting him each weekend.


That in turn instilled in her, the value of taking care of each other even if the systems aren’t working in your favor.” (Time Magazine)


“I have always felt like I want to change the course of history. I was in awe of previous Black

liberation struggle leaders” (Taken from an article in Time Magazine)