At 51, I’m not too old to remarry – Actress Ayo Adesanya

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At 51, I’m not too old to remarry – Actress Ayo Adesanya

Nollywood actress Ayo Adesanya said there is no age limit to getting remarried following questions on her married life at 51.


The actress in a interview with Saturday Beats said that she wasn’t too old to get remarried as far as she could find someone she likes.

Speaking futher “Haven’t you seen someone who got married and gave birth to babies at 60??, I know a, lady who got married at 50 and put to bed at 55, nothing is impossible for God to do,” she says.

I was once in an entanglement over the years and I have tried to be careful, I have also seen a lot of quit appealing and interested men but I have to be careful so as not to make wrong choices but I won’t be too careful because as you know love is unconditional.

I am not giving my self a time frame get married, I am currently at peace with my self and I know the peace would continue only if I find the right person.

The actress maintained the duo its necessary to get remarried but she doesn’t consider it a do or die affair until she gets the right person.

She said, “If marriage doesn’t come, one would still live one’s life. It is not a do-or-die affair, and not everybody would get married. When people get married and stay in it, I consider them lucky. These days, marriages don’t last. When one hears the things happening everywhere, getting ‘entangled’ would be scary. People that are not married still live happily.

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Speaking about how things has changed in the acting industry, she said :

“There were no social media when we first started and life has really changed but one shouldn’t judge life by what he sees in movies as there are more to life that we can tell”