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Hello Naijamixites and jambites who were previously admitted for the jamb 2020 Online Tutorials offered free on our whatsapp group .

This tutorial went through a time schedule from February 1st till 17th , Students who were not very knowledgeable in most jamb 2020 English question and answer sections were taught and given secrets on how to succeed through some of them.

However, is giving her students the opportunity to share their views and rate the online classes , this would enable us do another next year and years to come.


Man Advises Corpers To Buy JAMB Forms For The Less Privileged Instead of Paying Tithe (Nigerians React)


Man Advises Corpers To Buy JAMB Forms For The Less Privileged Than Pay Tithe (Nigerians React

Man identified to be Agboola peter Advises Corpers To Buy JAMB Forms For The Less Privileged Than Pay Tithe (Nigerians React).

A twitter user by name Agboola Peter has advised his fellow Corpers  who recently got the alert of the new allowance of 33,000 to use 4,700 out of it to purchase JAMB forms for those less privileged students in public schools rather than say they want to pay tithe.

Man advice's corpers
The man seems to believe that helping those in need is equivalent to payment of tithes in church. However, Nigerians had a divided view of his opinion see replies below;


Must Read : 7 Vital Things You Must Do Before Jamb.


Must Read : 7 Vital Things You Must Do Before Jamb.

Are You looking for 7 Vital Things to do before Jamb 2020 and Beyond, then you Have come to the right place.

Jambites taking part in the 2020 JAMB Examinations Taking place from the 13th of February 2020 are expected to Obey the Following rules as it is essential for their own benefits.

Study Jamb Past Questions 

All Jambites without being told are expected to have Gotten both a hard copy and a soft copy of the Jamb Cbt Past Questions and answers booklet so as to guide the students in preparation for the Utme Examinations without unnecessary stress and too much reading.

One of the Most important factors to consider while getting a past question is not to buy it and keep but to continously study the Examinations that have been compiled together before one of the secrets about Examinations including Jamb Cbt is that Most of its Questions are repeated. Therefore get the soft copy online if you can’t find any offline.

Get Jamb Cbt Applications for Timing 

I hope you are going through this post carefully, After getting your past questions, Download an Online Cbt Applications and register for Daily Exam practices Timing your self as if you were talking the Examinations. The Basic fact about jamb is that it is no longer an offline or paper based written Examinations but an online Examination that involves speed and accuracy in the Answering of questions as well as Special attributes one would need to click after answering these Questions.

How do I get a jamb Cbt application?? 

You can download the Jamb Cbt apli online by visiting the Google play store or clicking here.

Get A Reading partner on your course of Study

Reading or studying partners are very esstial to boost your morale, one might be able to study on his or her own but Creating a reading group or studying with someone or group of people would help decrease chances of you getting bored while studying and increase livelihood in the Study.

Questions can also rise up from your friends, however before you create a study group, make sure that he or she knows what he want, not someone that talks about other things instead of The books you came to study.

Dissappear from Social media 

If you really want to score above 300 then let your mind be in what you are doing, do not allow the advances of social media to distabilize your speed of preparation for jamb cbt Examinations. A slance goes like this, Leave Facebook and face your books. 

It is very essential to Leave social media as they posse a great deal of effect to your concentration as regards your accademics, take a break and build your self mentally

Ask Questions and Search for Information, be Dedicated to your study timetable, Develop a say no habit towards playing and Finally Take few amount of meal daily so as to free yourself.

Finally take a Word of Prayer 

To have a good success, study and prayer always commit your ways in the hands of your creator, these are the must do things you need for jamb 2020 Examinations and as you do so get set for harvest soon


Jambites Class – My worst Subject in JAMB


Jambites Class - My worst Subject in JAMB

Jambites Class – Reveal your worst Subject in JAMB.

Hi Nigerian students and Most Especially Jambites that are taking part in the 2020 JAMB Examinations Taking place from the 13th of February 2020.

This Class is exclusively for learners as we would like to know your worst subject and why you hate it that much. 

Most would quickly choose science courses and of course basics including mathematics just by saying it’s different and doesn’t know it rules.

Drop your comments below, My Worst Subject in Jamb


University Of Uyo Orientation On Fire Extinguishing Goes Wrong (Photos)


University Of Uyo Orientation On Fire Extinguishing Goes Wrong (Photos)

The recent damage caused by Fire Extinguishing Orientation at the University of Uyo.

Today’s episode of my schools annual orientation exercise for it’s newly admitted year one students wasn’t funny at all, the students were taught ‘practically’ how to extinguish fire, everything was going fine oo not until the fire adamantly refused to quench.






HELLO Naijamixites and Students or preferably Jambites who are Undergoing the 2020 JAMB Examinations Taking place from the 13th of February 2020.

As Promised and Powered by, we are offering an Exclusive 2020 JAMB Cbt online Tutorials for Students Taking the Exam on our WhatsApp and Telegram Forum. 


The timetable of the Online Tutorials is available for Download in DOCX Format.

Incase you cannot view the Document on your mobile phone, Download WPS OFFICE READER to View your TIMETABLE for the Tutorials commencing from the 1st of February 2020. 

Just incase you have not joined the WhatsApp group chat click Here 

Download Timetable

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