King Uwe ‘The Government’ Ft. Atori

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King Uwe 'The Government' Ft. Atori

Gospel Singers ‘King Uwe‘ features Atori blessing on a hit single tagged True Government.

The song tagged – True Government comes after the #ENDSARS protest and serves as another inspiration to Nigerians as well as individuals worldwide.


Verse 1
This is not a government for the people
That will loot and forsake the people
This is not a Government by the people that cannot standby the people

This is not a government of the people
That will take light and off the people
Men may mislead the nation
And make the economy cripple
But Jesus heals the lame
And call the storm peaceful
He cannot be your Lord
And your street be flooded with blood
He had to go naked
So we can wear Aso-oke
That’s why Today
We soro-soke and call him baba Loke
Let men say we are not okay
And cut us away like scissors
All we know is one true Government


There is only one True GOVERNMENT
There’s only one True ruler
His name is Jesus
He is the king of kings
He is Lord of Lords oh

Bridge :
You been think say na you strong
But I con tell you say God strong pass you
God strong pass
E strong pass you
God strong pass..

Outro :
A life without Christ
Is a life of Stasis, Vices, Lysis and Crisis

The only True GOVERNMENT is Jesus

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