Daddy Freeze Mocks Pastors – There Is No Holy Spirit.

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Daddy Freeze Mocks Pastors - There Is No Holy Spirit.

Daddy Freeze Mocks Pastors, Says there Is No Holy Spirit in the churches of today after he claimed he is still alive even with Pastors curses.

In his teachings on this video below regarding ‘the evolution of pentecostalism’, he made this assertion, that compared with the early church, there is no holy spirit because Nigerian Churches base thier teachings on the Law of sin and Death(tithing, first fruits, prophetic offerings etc) for thier selfish gain.
This law, he says, christ has already done away with.


Speaking futher, he said most people says the Bible is difficult to understand but it’s cause of the realm they are , if he should explain the Bible to them they would understand it properly.

Daddy Freeze futher said the holy spirit is absent from the church of today and that’s the reason why some dimensions are not seen.

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