COVID-19: States can take steps to open schools, places of worships – PTF

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COVID-19: States can take steps to open schools, places of worships – PTF

COVID-19: States can take steps to open schools, places of worships – PTF. 



The Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 on Sunday said it has no problem with state governments that ordered reopening of places of worships.


Boss Mustapha, the chairman of the PTF, who spoke to journalists at the end of a closed-door meeting with President Buhari on Sunday said the constitution gives power to the states to do so by the constitution as sub-nationals.


According to him, issues of places of worship and businesses that were not opened hitherto are part of the packages discussed with the President.


Mustapha said the Committee has also made appropriate recommendations to the President on the issues.


“We have made the appropriate recommendations, but you know that Mr President is the only one that can take decisions in respect of that. “In the framework, the states are sub-nationals, they have their own responsibilities too.


He said: “That’s part of what we have considered in its totality. We will await Mr President’s on that, once I receive his approval, going forward, to certain recommendations we have put in place, we will know how that would happen.


“The issue of easing up, you know we are in the first phase, we had an extension of two weeks for the first phase, the next phase should be the second phase and along with that will come in with a lot of recommendations, which we expect Mr President to consider.


“So, it is in the exercise of those responsibilities that they had meetings with those religious bodies and agreed on the guidelines and protocols on how they open up, but in the framework of the national response we are taking that into consideration.’’


Mustapha assured that essential parts of the economy would continue opening up to boost socio-economic activities across the country. “We have started, even in the first phase and the extension that came with it.


“Essential parts of the economy was opening up by way of allowing agricultural production, people that produce fertilizers. “After we receive Mr President’s approval tonight or tomorrow morning, we will now know which segment of the economy he has allowed opening,’’ he further revealed.